Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Getting w.Bloggar to work with Blogger Beta

I signed up for Blogger Beta. Only to find out that none of my posting softwares work. I earlier used to use w.Bloggar, and had been using Windows Live Writer for the last few days. I downloaded w.Bloggar's latest version and tried setting it up with my new Blogger Beta blog. Behold the Beta Gods. It said my username/password didn't match. I realised it was not connecting to the beta interface, but rather to the old Blogger interface. And the old Blogger interface cannot login a Google Accounts username/password.

Being a lazy person, I searched the net first to see if womeone else had come up with a solution. My search yeilded no results. So I tried to play with the w.Bolggar account settings. Luckily, I got it right in the first attempt. Anyways, I decided to share this info with you all. So here is a step by step with screenshots (click on them to enlarge).

Getting w.Bloggar to work with Blogger Beta :
Requirements :
  1. A Blogger Beta blog
  2. w.Bloggar
  3. Internet connection

Instructions :
Step 1 : Fire up the account selection box in w.Bloggar. You can reach it by Clicking on File, Select Account or by pressing F9
Image Hosted by
Step 2 : Click on the Icon next to the account name.
Image Hosted by
Step 3 : Selct New
Image Hosted by
Step 4 : Select "Yes, I want to add it as a new account"
Image Hosted by
Step 5 : Select Custom from the drop down list and fill in a name for you account. Select Ping if you would like to notify Weblogs or Technorati upon updates. Click Next.
Image Hosted by
Step 6 : Keep the settings as is. Click Next.
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Step 7 : In the Host field type in "". (Without the quotes, of course!)
Image Hosted by
Step 8 : In the Path field type in "/api". (Without the quotes, of course!). Click "Next"
Image Hosted by
Step 9 : Type in your Google Accounts username/email and your password. Select "Save password" if you would like w.bloggar to remember your password.
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Step 10 : Click Finish. You are done.

Do send your comments and feedbacks.

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